April 4, 2011

I am working on my thesis.

Everyone fall down and die in shock.


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College Thesis Professional Life Procrastination Fo' Real

Still Thesis-ing.

I can’t wait until I get my paycheck so I can go downtown to the granola-crunchy coffee shop and work on this here, without internet access so I actually get something done, and be an incredibly pretentious hipster chick sipping on my small-mocha-with-raspberry-flavoring.


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Kill The Hipsters Coffee Money Pretentious Thesis

Help Me Graduate! Q&A Time!

So, my senior thesis revolves around the communication differences between men and woman on the topics of love, sex, and relationships, and if there’s any way to write for both sexes so that they’d be equally interested in the material.

That being said, if you could answer the following question— anonymously is fine— just including your genderin the comments section, you’d be doing me a TREMENDOUS favor, and, also, adding onto what will end up being a pretty kick-ass, real-life expose post about men and women’s relationships: "What is your biggest pet-peeve in communicating (or in general,) with the opposite sex?"

Example: “That instead of listening to the entire situation I’m telling him when I want to vent, my boyfriend immediately focuses on how to ‘fix’ it, instead of just listening to me. I’m female.”

Thanks, loves!


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Q&A Thesis College Men vs. Women Miss Communication

What does a relationship mean to a man versus just sex?

- Answer this, please. 


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Men Men vs. Women Relationships Sex Thesis Q&A

Little Miss Relationships Doomed To Die

The more I keep researching and writing this thesis, the more and more pessimistic I get about relationships and the fact that men and women are in fact biologically engineered to NEVER understand each other.

…This is not boding well for my continued romantic existence. “I graduated college and all I got is this stupid jaded complex and B.S diploma.”

(A B.S diploma actually works in more than one way, if you think about it askjhahahahahahaha.)


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Thesis College Miss Communication Relationships Jaded Men vs. Women

And while I was slaving away on my thesis, he was downtown with a high school senior.

I have the most FUNCTIONAL relationships, right?


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Jailbait Relationships College Fuck This Shit Just Friends? Thesis

April 6, 2011

Someone Give Me My Happy Pills. And By "Happy Pills," Yes, I Do Mean Cyanide Tablets.

  • ‎Reevy: "So how's Capstone going?"
  • Me: "Shoot me in the face, bury me in the ground, and let the worms eat me. That's how it's going."
  • I obviously woke up on the wrong side of the academic bed this morning.
  • XOXO

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College Thesis Moody Fuck This Shit

Last Night

What I Should Have Been Doing: Writing my Ethics paper component for my thesis.

What I Actually Did Instead: Went on a burn cruise with one of my dudes, ate a slice of pizza, a cheeseburger, and fries, stole the next two day’s worth of food from the caf, got sick, went to my night class, proceeded to tell the entire class about my dreams of a Star Wars themed wedding, went home, finished Center Stage, and danced.

Did I have more fun?

You bet your sweet ass.


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College Life Bad Habits Thesis Procrastination

April 7, 2011

Going to go be a really pretentious hipster girl in my high-top sneaks and wooden bangles and sit in Muddy Waters, drinking my requisite mocha-with-raspberry-flavoring and working on my thesis while looking down my nose at everyone else.



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Kill The Hipsters Coffee Thesis College Pretentious

April 8, 2011

It is absolutely gorgeous and about 50 degrees out, which is pretty much unheard of for Vermont lately.

…I am in the library, thesis-ing. My “big plans” for this evening include going back downtown to Muddy’s again, to do more thesis-ing (and more pretentious hipster-ing).

One month from today, I will have just graduated (pleasepleaseplease,) and be one of the most relaxed people in the world.

Now, to get between now, and then.


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College Life Thesis

April 11, 2011

Being ridiculously productive today, with intermittent bouts of extreme flailing, lethargy, and moodiness due to said productivity. 

Things I Have Accomplished:
- My feature for Online Journalism
- My Portfolio
- Emailing 3 people about potential summer/yearlong housing found on Craigslist (scary, I know).
- See job application below. 
- Applied for OTHER possibly awesome and similar job position. …I am obviously on fire today with the job-and-housing thing, and not so much so with the thesis thing. Oh well. Win some, lose some, all of these things are important. 

Things Yet To Do:
- Cover letter and apply to VCS job.
- Ethics paper and annotated bibliography.
- Thesis shit. 

Ugh. Mildly (and wildly) entertaining the thought of taking a week off after graduation, going home, and doing absolutely nothing other than breathing on the porch in the chaise lounge and petting the cats. That sounds so. damn. good. right about now.


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Life College Productive Thesis To Do List

April 12, 2011

On that thesis grind again, so here are your work beats. Enjoy!


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Music Thesis College

April 13, 2011

While I may be lagging a little now that my thesis is half-done and I’ve received conflicting advice and directions from my two thesis advisors, I am currently a job-applying MACHINE.

Who ever guessed there was so much need in Burlington for social media/marketing/writing/relations work?!

(Also, big ups to Madison for the “help” with the cover letter, AKA: The personal bane of my existence.)


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Life College Thesis Professional Life Working Girl

Apparently, something’s up with the cable at home because Comcast finally decided they wanted to fuck with our lives EVEN MORE and start using something called “Xfinity” to host everything we use of theirs, and thought I am 12756% sure I’ve been using the right account number to “install” these “new settings” for our internet, they keep telling me something is wrong.

…Why do I get the feeling that that “something” is the fact cable hasn’t been paid for two months and this is their passive-aggressive way of making us actually do it? Bitches. YOU TOLD ME ON MY LAST STATEMENT I HAD UNTIL THE 18TH. LAST I CHECKED, IT WAS NOT THE 18TH!!! THIS IS NOT COOL, GUYS.

Goddamn, what am I supposed to do until 2 AM if I can’t internet-creep myself to sleep? Huh? Huh? Watch MORE Sex and the City than I usually do? ACTUALLY work on the “original writing” aspects of my thesis? How does that not sound as much fun as refreshing Facebook and Tumblr every 5 minutes in the hopes that I’m secretly popular and SOMEONE loves me and posted something for me? 

Um. Exactly. Because IT’S NOT.

…I am going to be hiding out here in the WC for internet access until the kick me out, screaming and flailing, at midnight. MUST. GET. ALL. INTERNET. TROLLING. FIX. IN. BEFORE. THEN!

It’s a drug, I fucking swear.


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Life Bills Bills Bills Thesis Procrastination Drugs Fucking Off

April 17, 2011

Been on campus for 4 hours. Thus far, I’ve watched Black Snake Moan, gone to the gym for a workout that kicked my ASS, and read a chapter in the ever-so-enlightening “Sex and the University” for Gender Com. Work done on thesis that’s due in two days? Pfffffft. Nada.

By the way, this is post #666. YES, SATAN IS IN THE PROCRASTINATION.


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Life College Thesis Procrastination Movies Kicking My Own Ass