January 20, 2012

Twenty-two years old, and I detest musicals, yet love opulent operas like this version of “Anna Bolena” that was performed at the Met this past fall. One of the things I miss most about living in Italy was the fact that operas and ballets were always viable options; CULTURE is something that is decidedly lacking here, and as much as I may be a football-and-beer girl, my SOUL needs something breathtaking and graceful with a wrought-iron skeleton like the taxing grand operas and ballets sometimes. They are just breath-taking and awe-inspiring.


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February 10, 2012


Here’s a demo of my newest song,

Just The Two Of Us


If you like my girl Patience, check out lovehateaway for a similar tone and feel. Keep rocking it, girls!


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December 30, 2012

Whelp, this is really rough and a little belated, but I finally converted it and thought it was time for the world to hear my singing voice again after a sabbatical of, oh, about 6 years.

I apologize for the throat-clear in advance.


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Skylar Astin is Jewish and sings like a little baby angel so therefore it is my duty on Earth to marry the fuck out of him.



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May 2, 2013

"And then you did what he asked you to do; you opened your heart up,
Right there on a napkin on the carpet, and part of it was frostbit,
But you’ve always been a smart kid;
Could still distinguish, the blood black as pitch;
Valves had gone stiff, veins and scar tissue.
Four chambers, just a standard issue,
But none had room; forgiveness is huge.
And you had two full of ice water,
One full of salt, one packed with coal,
Eager and ready and willing to find fault.”


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