August 9, 2011

She gets respect when she respects you. She gets no respect JUST because she thinks she should; women get respect by having class, grace, and self-worth.


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September 15, 2011

I’d rather have you love me than fear me, but if you have to fear me in order to give me the respect I deserve, I’ll take that, too.


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October 8, 2011

I think I just right about figured out how amazing my body is.



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November 2, 2011

Jenna Marbles: Girls That Piss Me Off.

"You want the same respect, and yet, you want them to take care of you? I mean, how many girls do you know like this? And their main goal in life is to basically find a rich guy to take care of them, forever. Here’s a reality check for you…you do not need fucking presents and trinkets and fucking shit all day, every day, ok, princess? You do not need that… And for you to just expect a guy to buy you shit just because you were born with a vagina is just outta control. Don’t sit around and complain to the rest of us how no one wants to buy you shoes and clothes and give you a free ride for life.”

AMEN, SISTERRRRRR. GET OFF YER ASS. GET A REAL JOB. HELP YOURSELF, because it’s not on someone else to pay for you to fucking EXIST. It’s called self-respect— if you can’t be the one to support yourself, is it really fair to put your burden on someone else? The homo sapiens who didn’t make our Ice Age ancestors pulled a Darwin and died out when the weaker ones attempted that. So there’s a lesson to you. Just because society’s let you get away with it, thus far, does it make it ok for you to do that to the rest of us? Awwwww, HELL NO. Pick it up, slacker. I’m slaving away 40+ hours a week, and it sure as hell isn’t for your ass. I want someplace nice to live. I want to keep my car running. I want to eat good food and wear nice clothes and be able to take my boyfriend out for drinks sometimes so his credit card gets a break. I want the same things that most girls want, but I also know all of it is meaningless without the RESPECT for pulling my weight and paying my own way. Learning curve— it’s steep.


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May 20, 2012

September 6, 2012

Just A “Casual” Affair: Why Men Looking For “Casual” Sex Are A Dead-Weight In Your Love-Life.

Here’s an interesting message I got this morning on OkC:

"It’s truly unfortunate that you’re not into something a bit more "casual", ma’am… as you DO tickle my proverbial fancy… and I think you are, more or less, FANTASTIC. Please let me know if this changes. Good day to you."

Here’s the thing…when a woman says she’s looking for something “casual,” and when a man says he’s interested in something more “casual,” we’re talking about two different things. To me, a “casual” relationship does not involve just a one-time or sporadic roll in the hay with no emotional ties. To me, a “casual” relationship looks something like what I have with Twig right now: An emotional, romantic connection with one person, who regardless of distance or commitment is the person that I turn to for my emotional needs. Sometimes, I’ll go for days or a week without talking to him. Sometimes, I can be a downright needy motherfucker and crave a connection more than what texting can give. It’s “casual” to me because our needs are fluid and changing, meaning there’s no set-in-stone routine, and being far apart means I can spend my time doing what I want or with whomever I want. To me, that’s “casual” because I refuse to spend hours glued to a phone or a computer keeping in constant touch with him. That’s just not how I work. However, if I need or want to talk to him, he’s there. To me, that’s not really that big of a “serious” deal.

However, after YEARS of dating, and MONTHS upon months of being on OkC, I’ve managed to crack the code on what this bozo means by “something a bit more casual.” He’s looking to get laid. That’s all. He’s looking for a vagina to put his dick into, and then peace out, possibly until the next time, without ANY emotional connection, and without owing a woman anything, such as his time, respect, friendship, or attachment. In short, I think sperm donors are more involved than this average American male on the troll for sex.

So, let me get this straight: You want access to my pussy…without anything in return. Believe me, dudes of similar thought processes, your dick is not some hot, magical commodity that will make me forget all about the wonderful man I already have who actually asks me about my life and will call to make totally inane conversation, just because he wants to know how I am. Your 7 inches of “love” will not drive me so wild that I get sudden amnesia and think that YOU SOMEHOW “DESERVE” one of the best things I have to offer just so you can treat it casually. 

How dare you. Really, HOW DARE YOU. You profess to find me fantastic, and yet, can’t bring yourself to think of me seriously, or as more than JUST a sex partner. You don’t seem to care about the fact that I own my own business. You don’t seem to care about the fact that I cook, or that I sing the blues. You don’t care that my best friend and I have been close since 7th grade; nor do you care that one of my favorite things is to read by candlelight before I go to bed at night. You are simply not interested in ME…you’re interested in my anatomy. And to THAT…to THAT I say BULLSHIT. If you are willing to treat me “a bit more casually” than someone you’d actually want to date, or have an actual relationship with, you’ve got another think coming, buster. I’ve done the “casual” thing with guys like you, and it’s gotten me absolutely BUPKIS. Why, WHY, when I am such a “fantastic,” intelligent, grown-ass woman, would I ever let you get away with not giving me what I want, and everything I deserve? I’m sorry; while your sex-drive may trump your self-respect, mine is still fully intact. So I’ll be sticking with men who feel ANYTHING but “casual” about me, thanks.

Ladies, let’s all say “NO!” to the casual thrill-seekers together, ok? Because really, I hope you realized the INSTANT that you read that message that you’re better than that. Really. If you want to find a man to sleep with, casually, do it on YOUR own terms, not theirs. Don’t buckle down to the bullshitters.


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November 4, 2012

She’s Just Not That Into You…She’s Into Your Stock Portfolio: Men with more money than sense and the women who live to exploit them.

Makes me sick.

Ok stupid, let me explain something to you:

If you’re a 5 and she’s an 8 or over…no. She’s not interested. If she keeps herself in good shape and minds her appearance, what in the seven hells do you think she’d want with a slob with a doughy body and an acne problem?

If you have to flash your cash to catch her interest…no. You shouldn’t want her interest.

If you believe that your power, prestige, or paper makes up for inherent character flaws, immaturity, classlessness, or bad habits…no. It doesn’t. Grow the fuck up.

If she makes you jump through financial hoops to “prove” things to her…no. She’s a gold-digger. A classy girl will expect you to treat her to dinner at a nice restaurant in exchange for her time and company. A gold-digger will demand you take her to THE restaurant in exchange for use of her “charms,” and by “charms” I of course mean “body.”

If a woman says the word “sex,” she’s not necessarily offering it to you…no. Just because she’s comfortable with sexuality doesn’t mean she’s open for everyone’s business.

If all you ever mention is her body, her mind’s not going to stay with you…no. It’s going to wander to someone who is actually interested in the parts of her that she herself values.

If she gives it up to you easily without making you work for it— sending pics without provocation, sex in exchange for buying her a few drinks—…no. It should make you wonder who else she’s willing to go down on for a $10 rum-and-Coke and a shot of Jose. You are not a special snowflake to her. Gentlemen…herpes is real. And it can be spread from the mouth.

If you name-drop the expensive European sports car that you drive or you vacation last month to the Keys within 10 minutes of meeting her…no. Gold-diggers now feel free to use you. Smart women realize when they’re being baited with the monetary lifestyle, and will use your insecurities and interest to invest in something you can offer them, be it a few expensive drinks, or a few months as your “girlfriend” in exchange for an all-expenses paid vacation to Greece. Smarter women have bigger fish to fry, and won’t give you the time of day. They’re actually, legitimately interested in a different kind of man and are making their own money.

If she’s not giving you the time of day and you have to keep badgering her for attention…no. She’s not interested. Stop making a fool out of yourself. Sometimes, silence is your refusal, and the most polite way for a woman to say “No; go away.”

It’s all about RESPECT— if she respects herself, she expects you to respect her, too. And if you don’t respect yourself in the first place, she’ll know it.


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June 2, 2014


While we are at it, how about all the males out there stop judging a girl by the time she makes you wait to have sex with her. She deserves the same amount of respect whether it’s one date or twenty dates.


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Via they really said this.